Vaginal Fantasy 43 Spymaster's Lady-0

Vaginal Fantasy 43 Spymaster's Lady-0

Hangout Date Theme Picked by
July 28, 2015 French Spies Felicia


Felicia Bonnie Kiala Veronica Average Goodreads
The Spymaster's Lady 3 n/a n/a n/a 3 4.10 (3,819)
Storm Winds n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 4.06 (1,965)

Main Pick: The Spymaster's Lady (Spymasters, #1) by Joanna BourneEdit

She's braved battlefields, stolen dispatches, played roles from worldly to naive, lady to boy. But Annique Villiers, elusive spy Fox Cub, is thrown in prison with British spymaster Robert Grey, ordered to enter France and bring her back. Their uneasy alliance holds, but passion builds as they flee.


Alternate Pick: Storm Winds (Wind Dancer, #2) by Iris JohansenEdit

Eighteenth-century France, where cunning intellects and glittering ballgowns concealed treacherous hearts...where madness swept a nation, and the last sound many noblemen heard was the terrible song of the guillotine's blade.

Brilliant and reputedly ruthless in business, Jean Marc Andreas is haunted by the exquisite statue of the Wind Dancer, the heritage of his family. He will defy any force of man or nature to get it back. Juliette de Clement IS a force of nature - a beautiful woman who will discover the firestorms of passion denied her by a cruel world.

Both want the Wind Dancer...both are determined to wrest it from the hands of unyielding royalty.

Together they will risk everything to get it, their quest taking them from stormy Paris to the tranquil gardens of southern France to the perilous mountains of Spain...And their passion for each other will grow to consume them as they are now consumed by their obsession for...THE WIND DANCER